Bars, Clubs, Cocktails

This list of bars and clubs is organized just like the front page, by MARTA station. The bars are grouped by color around the stations on the Google Map that is linked above. Click on the image above to go to the map, which WordPress crankily refused to let me embed.

Remember, you’re starting from the MARTA station N1: Peachtree Center (two blocks west of the Sheraton, on Peachtree between Ellis to the south and Courtland to the north).

N1: Peachtree (as in: the hotel’s neighborhood; you can walk, but keep your eyes open)

Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint, 200 Peachtree St. NE (live music; recommended on Twitter)

Park Bar, 150 Walton St. (overlooks Olympic Centennial Park, where the Games and the bombing were)

The Sound Table, 483 Edgewood Ave. SE (drinks, live music, indie-hipster-urban. What?)

N3: North Avenue

 Engine 11 Firehouse Tavern, 30 North Ave. NE (beer, booze; in an old fire station)

Publik Draft House, 654 Peachtree St. NE (decent draft list, cocktails, absinthe)

Churchill Grounds, 660 Peachtree St. NE (serious jazz, next door to the historic Fox Theatre)

The Livingston, 659 Peachtree St. NE (chill lounge, beautiful old building)

Top Flr, 674 Myrtle St. (small, tucked-away, people say it’s cool)

N4: Midtown

Cypress Street Pint and Plate, 817 W. Peachtree (gastropub near Georgia Tech)

Ecco, 40 7th St NE (Italian, charcuterie, cocktails)

Escorpion, 800 Peachtree St. NE (Mexican, many tequilas)

Gordon Biersch, 848 Peachtree St. NE (chain microbrew, if there is such a thing)

The Vortex, 878 Peachtree St. NE (booze, cigarettes, loud people, chicks wearing leather)

Zocalo, 187 10th St. NE (authentic Mexican, serious tequilas)

Blake’s on the Park, 227 10th St. NE (long-standing gay bar, drag on Fridays)

N5: Arts Center

Tap at 1180, 1180 Peachtree St. NE (gastropub)

Sutra Lounge, 1136 Crescent Avenue (“dress to impress” nightclub, in the center of Crescent Ave., a street of clubs)

Cosmopolitan and Lava Lounge, 45 13th St. NE (multi-story club, cover)

Opera, 1150 Crescent Ave. NE (another huge club, with bottle service and levels of VIP-ness)

E2: King Memorial

Hill Street Tavern, 349 Decatur Street SE (recommended on Twitter, in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood)

And finally, places worth going to, but you should take a cab:

Miso Izakaya, 619 Edgewood Ave. SE (a modern take on a Japanese pub, with serious sakes and shochus)

H. Harper Station, 904 Memorial Drive SE (quirky cocktails in a barely reviving part of the city)

Holeman & Finch, 2277 Peachtree Road NE (the most thoughtful cocktails in the city; they take booze so seriously, they opened their own store)


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